Braai wood for sale Cape Town, R1 per piece.

Buy braai wood today

We specialize in Blue Gum Wood (Bloekom Hout), we sell it at R1 per piece. Please call me on 0814089639 if you want to arrange for bulk orders.

Our Blue Gum Firewood is great for any indoor fireplace, wood stove or Pizza oven. It's locally grown and a very popular wood.

Dry Wood

This is quite obvious but wet wood is a no good for a braai, other than its inability to burn correctly it also creates way too much smoke.

Dry braai wood is best and will burn easier and you’ll be able to get a fire going with much less effort. The dryness of the wood is determined by the amount of time the wood has been drying for, the longer the better. Anything that has been drying for a full season or a year is enough for some lekker braai wood.

Pizza ovens and Restaurants

Blue Gum is the most efficient and economical choice for your home or commercial pizza oven. Long lasting, resin free and providing a continuous heat for perfect pizzas every time. The first thing is to get the fire very hot, as quick as possible.